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Food Safety

Food Safety is the Number One Priority of Simply Fresh Fruit


Simply Fresh Fruit is proud to be BRC certified by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). As one of the few companies nationwide to receive an “A” grade in food safety standards, Simply Fresh Fruit is dedicated to providing delicious fruit that is safely prepared in a sterile environment by highly trained individuals.

As a leader in food safety, Simply Fresh Fruit is one of the only fresh-cut fruit companies in California to receive the BRC certification.

The BRC and GFSI are paving the way for companies like Simply Fresh Fruit that want to be ahead of the curve in food safety. Benchmark grades are determined by through third-party audits and detailed inspections of processing and packaging methods. A BRC certification ensures that Simply Fresh Fruit is constantly working to achieve the highest standard in food safety by minimizing contamination risks.

The GSFI facilitates maintaining, improving and standardizing food safety measures across the food supply chain from processing to retail. BRC-certified companies have the unique opportunity to serve a global community dedicated to safe consumer practices.

With the added confidence of the BRC food safety certification, Simply Fresh Fruit will participate in a national and expanding market for fresh-cut fruit supply to foodservice professionals and retail grocers.


Safety Practices

Safety is a top priority at Simply Fresh Fruits. Our state-of-the-art equipment meets all required codes of safety and sanitation, and our employees comply with all food safety procedures.

Training is taken very seriously at Simply Fresh Fruit. We supervise our employees to meet and exceed all safety requirements in preparing our fruit products. Cleanliness is key at our facility, and all fruit is prepared with the highest-quality sanitation procedures.

Our suppliers and contractors also meet the high expectations for safety at Simply Fresh Fruit. All incoming products are inspected for defects and contamination, and any product that does not meet our high standards is discarded immediately. Our equipment is kept clean and is inspected regularly to ensure that everything is according to approved codes and legislation.

We strive to provide the absolute best for our clients and customers. Safe, tasty products of the highest quality require the most rigorous safety measures, and we work tirelessly to certify our products are leaving our facility clean, safe and delicious.


Simply Fresh Fruit uses HACCP standards for our protocol, meeting all critical control points in our 45,000 square feet of refrigerated space. Safety is a top priority at our facilities, and making sure our products are at the optimal temperatures is an imperative concern in food safety.

Our HACCP systems are annual verified by a certified third-party to ensure our products are safe to consume. Trained technicians monitor all products from when they arrive at our facility, through all preparation processes, until they are shipped.

Sanitizer is always kept at optimal and safe pH levels, and water is tested for contaminates that may harm our products. Continually monitoring our HACCP systems ensures that Simply Fresh Fruit products are always safe and delicious.

Safety Alerts

In April, 2016, Simply Fresh Fruit conducted a voluntary recall of a single lot of product containing cantaloupe, due to a report of a positive test for listeria monocytogenes. Subsequent to the recall, the United States Food and Drug Administration inspected Simply Fresh and issued a report which contained a number of observations. The FDA’s findings were summarized in a Warning Letter issued in October, 2016. All of the observations, findings and violations noted in the FDA letter were addressed and corrected in May, 2016.

All of our products are tested for a variety of pathogens, including listeria, regularly. No pathogens have been discovered subsequent to the one finding last April.

At Simply Fresh Fruit, food safety is our number one priority. We take the health and well-being of consumers very seriously. Our products are prepared in a sanitary environment by individuals trained in stringent food safety practices. We are proud to be BRC certified by the Global Food Safety Initiative. This BRC certification ensures that Simply Fresh Fruit is constantly working to achieve the highest standard in food safety by minimizing contamination risks.

Simply Fresh Fruit's highest priority is to safeguard each other, our customers and the environment by maintaning a safe, injury free and healthy workplace serving food that is always safe to eat and to minimize our impact on the environment.