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Green Initiatives

Innovative Programs from Simply Fresh Fruit

Simply Fresh Fruit is at the forefront of sustainable and green practices within the fresh cut fruit industry.


Our growers depend on a safe environment for their fruit to be as delicious as possible, and we strive to help keep our planet healthy. Simply Fresh Fruit believes in creating programs at our company that give back to the environment by eliminating waste, recycling and increasing energy efficiency.

Simply Fresh Fruit has been a leader in recycling initiatives, with 98 percent of our waste being recycled each year. Over 15 years ago, we began using reusable plastic containers to transport our products to minimize plastic and cardboard waste. By eliminating waste at our facility, we are decreasing the amount of food and packaging waste that goes to landfills each year.

By recycling 600 tons of corrugated cardboard packaging each year, Simply Fresh Fruit eliminates the need to manufacture new corrugated cardboard. Recycling this cardboard saves 420,000 gallons of water and 27,600 gallons of oil that it would take to manufacture new corrugated cardboard each year; it also eliminates almost four tons of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere.

Another way we recycle is with our food waste. Hand cutting our fruit means the peels, seeds, rinds and fruit that isn’t up to par is discarded. While some companies may send this waste to landfills, Simply Fresh Fruit ships our food waste to companies that use it for compost, fertilizer, and to feed livestock. Over 25 million pounds of food waste at our facility is reused each year instead of sent to a landfill.

With 45,000 square feet of refrigerated space at our facility, we recently upgraded our cooling systems to a more energy-efficient method. By saving energy, we are able to still keep our fruit at the safest temperatures, but emit less harmful greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.


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