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Community Involvement

We support local events and organizations

Simply Fresh Fruit believes in our communities.

Simply Fresh Fruit believes that giving back to the community is more than just a donation. As a company dedicated to healthy living, we support organizations that seek to educate, strengthen and involve community members. From monetary assistance to donating our delicious fruit, at Simply Fresh Fruit, we want to help our community grow.

In the past, we have played an active role in donating to community organizations such as educational institutions, cultural organizations and volunteer-based organizations. Whether it’s providing food to feed local volunteer firefighters, volunteering at cultural events, or helping school teams meet their fundraising goals, Simply Fresh Fruit aims to inspire and make a difference in our community.


“This year’s comedy night was a great success for John Burroughs High School, and the community. Much of this success was due to your donation received by you. I believe we are very fortunate to have our community that is willing to step up and support our local school football program.”
--Dorina Tilton; John Burroughs Arrowhead Club

“…Thank you for partnering with other community leaders who, like you and Simply Fresh Fruit, are committed to making a difference in the lives of children!”
--Ed Robles, Project HOPE

“Your partnership in one of our most important and fun community events this year allowed us to successfully serve over 700 people and net over $6,000 dollars! Thanks to the generosity of kind people and businesses like yours along with numerous volunteers who continually step forward to support the HBFF, we can join forces and carry out our mission in our community.”
--Jimmy De Los Santos , HBFF (Hermosa Beach Firefighters Foundation)



Cedar Creek School
Chime Charter School
Clinica Saint John
Companerism Cristiano Foursquare Church
East Wind Foundation For Youth
Flying Food Group
HB Firefighters Foundation
Historical Italian Hall
Hoover Avenue Elementary
Italian Woman’s Club
JB Arrowhead Club
Kiwanis Club of Cooley Ranch
La Soledad Church
Mater Dei High School
Minis For Kids
Project HOPE
Santa Martha Catholic Church
Southern CA Special Olympics
St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church
St. Raymond School

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